Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery should be a crucial part of every business continuity plan. Without a tested plan for data recovery, it could be weeks before your business is back up and running after mission critical data is lost, corrupted, stolen or otherwise compromised.

Replication Services

Data Replication plays a crucial role in a disaster recovery plan. At Blue Layer we offer multiple solutions from installing a personal appliance to implementing new software programs on your existing equipment. Investing in replication will save you money in the long run, by diminishing cost associated with downtime and making it simpler to restore not only a few files but all your data.

Benefits of Replication:
Data synchronization

Ensure uninterrupted access to critical data with our advanced solutions. Anyone with databases, virtual machines, multiple locations or irreplaceable client data should leverage data synchronization.

Continuous availability

High availability for the most widely used data stores takes disaster recovery to a new level by decreasing the need for a fail-over recovery environment and allowing for continuous access to mission-critical information.

Minimal downtime

Faster than traditional backup methods, with replication services you can quickly restore data in any amount, from a single file up to a complete machine.

Optimized resource utilization

Reduce your storage requirements with the ability to perform block-level, system-level and email backups and recoveries.

How to Create Your Own Disaster Recovery Plan:

1. Identify data on your network servers, desktop computers, laptop computers and wireless devices that is critical to the daily operating of your employees.

2. Meet with an IT consultant to discuss the layers of data backup and recovery that will best meet your needs.

3. Implement regularly scheduled backups to your network server.

4. Backup your network server using remote backup or a backup appliance for added protection.

5. Test your plan.